Terminator 2: Judgment Day Bundle Trailer | Call of Duty Vanguard & Warzone

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  • 27/07/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Hasta la vista, baby.
    Terminate your enemies with the T-800 and T-1000 Terminator Bundles, available on 8/1 in and .
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  • The One With The Hat

    This feels like it belongs in Cold War.

  • USAirsoft

    The stuff they never taught you about WW2 is insane!

  • Soviet Ball

    Imagine being a German Soldier on Normandy just to see Schwarzenegger T-8000 running towards you on the beach

  • Grim lurker

    Exactly what a "gritty" and "authentic" WW2 game needs to improve, well done.

  • NopeNotEvan

    Man why wasn’t this made for Cold War it would make SO MUCH SENSE

  • Emma
    Emma  +214

    He went from doing fatalities in mortal kombat to cranking 90’s to slide canceling

  • Isaac Morrison

    Still wish this was in with the 80s Action Heros last year.

  • Movieguy5
    Movieguy5  +310

    Ah yes I’m so glad we finally get to see a historically accurate terminator in my WWll game because that what I remember learning in history class 😂

  • Orrgroup
    Orrgroup  +136

    I remember liquid metal being used as prosthetic limbs from what my grandfather told me. T-Day was gruesome for the terminators and should be remembered as one of the most gruesome times for the world. They say only one T-800 survived in WW2. His name was Arnold-something

  • Grandmaster Exorcist says "h8_mE"

    ...and that, my dear grandchildren, is how we WON WW2.


    This would have fitted perfectly in Cold War since it's the 80's.

  • Muss McGaming

    Wow! Such an authentic and gritty WW2 Call Of Duty.

  • Mr Stellar

    Ah yes, I remember the time Terminator, Gundam and Optimus Prime both fought in WWII

  • Kevin Perez

    Anyone else feel like the m1919 would’ve been a great dlc weapon for the T-800?

  • Milk
    Milk  +75

    Now this is how to do ww2 correctly

  • The Minotaur

    Imagine if the Terminator coming from the 90’s and going back into the 40’s just for having fun in WW2

  • Whitney Azaria

    wish there was a option to just have the T-800 robot but also wish terminator was a whole cod event because it would be cool to see a future war theme and with Adler having a John Conor resistance skin and other resistance skins for operators having the guns from the future war like literally a lot of them look like some of the guns in game they just need purple tracer’s and plasma sound effects with a skin over it and BOOM future war baby lol

  • Harmonmj13

    Why was this released during Vanguard’s life cycle and not Cold War’s

  • Marko Bošnjak

    Holy moly!! I hope they bring Predator skin - it would be perfect for Caldera!

  • AceOfSpades

    This feels like it would belong in BOCW or MW