Season Five ‘Last Stand' Cinematic | Call of Duty: Warzone

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  • 17/08/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Legends never die - and that includes legendary villains 😈
    Things are heating up and it's time to choose your side in the free 'Last Stand' content update in and 🔥
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  • Call of Duty

    Which legendary villains did you see in the 'Last Stand' Cinematic? 👀


    The lads from different CoD games have all worked together to go back in time and stop Vanguard from becoming a thing before it's too late

  • Mull CODM


  • Pufsthepenguin


  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    The crazy futuristic skins and Terminators confirms Vanguard has gone fully out of warp and uses time travel

  • Van Do
    Van Do  +288

    Truly the best cod game we have seen so far, keeping the ww2 aesthetic to none and having the story and lore consistency of bo4. I crapped my pants when captain butcher said “It’s Vanguardin’ Time!” and stole my cod points. No wonder Vanguard sold vanbillion copies, It really is a cod game of all cod games.

  • cj from san andreas

    "to destroy everything they've built"

  • Pro Ghost Gamerz

    This story is more confusing than bo3 campaign but really looking forward to seeing section

  • Travisman123

    Sick. A mashup of some of the best villains in the series! If you pretend that linear time doesn't exist anymore by this point, then this is gonna be amazing!

  • Cheesy
    Cheesy  +124

    This is indeed one of the Call of Duty games of all time, it has weapons, it has graphics, and most importantly has characters

  • Mask D
    Mask D  +75

    Can I just say how cool it is too see Rorke and Mendez after all these years

  • Andrew Hoppe

    This looks interesting! Not sure how this will work in the storyline but it looks cool to see these villains again!

  • janatokaboka

    "It is time my friends, to destroy everything they have built"

  • Risu
    Risu  +128

    They went COD Mobile story for Warzone.

  • Jackson Jens

    So glad they didn't forget about Black Ops 3 / 4 characters too. Some of the specialists were pretty cool. Hopefully Menendez either ties into MW2 or BO6.

  • CtigirsGaming

    It looks like there will be major changes to Caldera after the volcano erupts. This is awesome

  • Sebastian Salibad

    Mmmm would’ve still liked to see makarov though! I mean if we’re talking about biggest cod villains, I think he definitely deserves a spot.

  • ATP Burgerneer Gaming

    totally historical moment when Menendez erupted the volcano yes I remember that part of history

  • Ronald Benítez

    For anyone rubbing their head asking themselves how is this possible in the story, just forget about it. Vanguard doesn't follow a "story" anymore, just call it it's own little universe.

  • BattleAce No Commentary

    This is the final season of Vanguard. I’m SUPER STOKED.