Season Five 'Last Stand' Battle Pass Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

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  • 22/08/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Whether you’re good until the end or choose to get a little wicked, it's time for you to finish in style with the 'Last Stand' Battle Pass 💥
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  • CYPH3R
    CYPH3R  +516

    Vanguard will be the most forgettable cod in history. Even people remember Cod ghost then vanguard

  • Julian “Jules” R

    Mason: so what’s your story?

  • The Minotaur

    I can’t even imagine how WW2 game turns into modern and future warfare at the same time ?

  • BattleAce No Commentary

    The thought that Warzone 2 will have ground loot from one single game for 2 years gives the chills. Basically, floor loot will be similar to whatever your loadout is. Only difference being attachments.

  • Cereal is a soup

    "40,000 years of evolution and we have barely even tapped the vastness of human confusion..."

  • J W
    J W  +102

    Captain Butcher must’ve hit his head hard and is having a fever dream but we’re experiencing it.

  • Joe9411
    Joe9411  +164

    Finally we can say goodbye to Warzone and Vanguard's era. Vanguard was just a mistake.

  • Gederin
    Gederin  +85

    Choose a side:

  • A Soldier Of The Cong

    Remember when grandpappy told stories about fighting in Okinawa when time travelers jump into action with laser guns? I certainly do, them stories were amazing.

  • Bryce Hayes

    I don’t think Adler and his team are gonna believe Butcher’s story

  • Raulzola
    Raulzola  +61

    "2022 Tudo fica melhor"

  • Feer 127
    Feer 127  +56

    If we wanted skins from older cod games we didnt want them in vangaurd..... We wanted them in a better game (cold war or MW/MW2)

  • Band of Bros

    WW2 game with a laser Gun? Must've missed this gun in all the movies and WW2 documentaries

  • Skullz
    Skullz  +8

    Raul menendez in bo2 : cool guys don't look at explosion

  • Dhani The Great

    If I had an idea for Vanguard S5, they should've added COD WWII Characters like Daniels, Zussman, Pierson, Vivian, Crowley, Rousseau and Metz.

  • Danald Troomp

    Vanguard and Warzone are definitely two of the Call of Duty games of all time.

  • Brick Sausage's

    I love how everyone is complaning about the WW2 inacursies

  • Warriors gamelight

    And so the era of COD mobile in Warzone 1 begins... oh boi

  • Ze Tenório

    Call of Duty é show de bola

  • Daniel Bold

    If you've seen this Call of Duty trailer, you've seen them all.