"Vanguards of Photography" - WWII Like Never Seen Before | Call of Duty: Vanguard

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  • 20/10/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Two renowned war photojournalists Alex Potter and Sebastiano Piccolomini stepped inside Call of Duty Vanguard to capture World War II like we’ve never seen before.
    Call of Duty: launches Nov 5th.
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  • loocooz
    loocooz  +1

    imagine if the producers start firing actual guns at them to get the full immersion

  • Zach Overstreet

    Activision: "This is war, this is real"

  • Grim
    Grim  +210

    Indeed - I had never seen red dot sights in a WW2 setting so this is WW2 like we’ve never seen. Incredible!

  • GOOFofaDOG

    "This is war. This is real"

  • USAirsoft
    USAirsoft  +457

    I’d no lie love some kind of interactive photography game like that.

  • Hoang Minh
    Hoang Minh  +455

    tbh I love that they are putting more of an emphasis on advertising the singleplayer campaign than on multiplayer and zombies

  • Jeremy Goh
    Jeremy Goh  +676

    Soldiers in WW2: Trying very hard not to die

  • Joseph Ward

    If this was really a real representation of war, no one would want to play more than once.

  • Elitedestroyer00

    Imagine if this was recreated in VR. That would actually be an insane experience.

  • Rosaria
    Rosaria  +142

    The marketing here is higher than 2042 and it's saying a lot.

  • Oken
    Oken  +15

    It's a little weird to know some people's greatest dream is to be in a Great War.

  • JordyFromYoutube

    Great job! Nice look behind the scenes 🎥 Love it 🔥

  • Florgl
    Florgl  +186

    Jokes aside that is a pretty nice way to put a photographer into the world

  • Paweł
    Paweł  +3


  • Jacob Orion Carreon

    This is pretty cool, they’re taking photos like your making a movie inside the game from behind the scenes

  • Miguel Teodoro

    "WW2 like never seen before" - yeah, pretty sure that the 2 sides on WW2 weren't "my team" and "enemy team"

  • Sophia Murphy

    Love COD behind the scenes stuff. Your cinematography is always superb. More please! Stay safe x

  • Cal & Aly -

    Hoooooly!! As a photog irl who’s always wanted to be a wartime photojournalist and who got back into cod from losing work form the pandemic, this hit home so hard. Incredible work guys. I was already pumped for Vanguard, but this is another level. Whoever’s idea this was on the marketing team needs a promotion and a fat Xmas bonus!

  • ParadoxInRaindrops

    Would be real cool to see a full album of all the photos they took! Real interesting tech on display here too.

  • Arandomguy88 _

    I can’t wait for this game I wanna play the campaign so bad!!!