Season Five 'Last Stand' Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

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  • 21/08/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Legends never die.
    Make your 'Last Stand' in and on August 24.
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  • Call of Duty

    Everyone has a choice this season. Are you a good or bad squadmate? 🤔

  • ThatOneGamingBot

    At this point, Butcher is a man who hit his head too hard in the year 2050 and is living a fever dream and we’re all experiencing it.

  • The Chad Man

    Ah, yes.

  • J W
    J W  +271

    Remember everyday we take a step closer to the end of Vanguard’s life cycle

  • Titi
    Titi  +202

    Raúl and Seraph are going to be on Vanguard but not on Cold war, thank you so much Activision. Very intelligent and logical decision as always

  • BattleAce No Commentary

    I don’t think enough people realize that we’ll be playing MW2 and WZ2 for 2 full years, before any contamination happens. The thought itself puts a smile on my face.

  • Nintendo Pro 03

    This season is going to be underwhelming until the last week.

  • TheRealPetraeus

    Vanguard will 100% be remembered as one of the cod games all of time

  • 18 Naked Cowboys

    This is what my great grandpa told me about when he served in WW2! Man I miss him and his awesome stories. I can’t wait till he come back from his appointment so he can tell me more!!

  • NergFuso
    NergFuso  +22

    Imagine WWII, you’re storming the beach of Normandy….. you look to your left and see The Terminator. He throws a Electronic Tracer Shotgun your way and says, he’ll be back. Only to leave you with a Rainbow shooting Shotgun… In the middle of a beach.

  • Dunhovisques

    Olha como esse jogo ensina bem história, helicópteros, armas laser, robôs, não sabia que tinha tudo isso na década de 40, muito bom activision, meus parabéns

  • Julijan
    Julijan  +112

    Ah yes, i remember my granddad telling me how he was running around with a lasergun in ww2. Very accurate, vanguard! Thanks for keeping the game accurate :D

  • Captiankirk games

    With them adding a laser gun in vanguard and warzone I feel sledgehammer games is doing a early teaser for advanced warfare 2 in 2025

  • Polarized
    Polarized  +20

    This is literally the CoD of all time. Aside from Vanguard's failure, it somehow amazes me how much weird stuff they put.

  • Bryce Hayes

    Adler: Can you hurry it up?

  • nikeairjordanfly

    at this point they'll add anything to the main game just so they can add it to warzone which is they're main priority

  • TheDork77

    Anybody else watch this and immediately want to play through BO2 for ALL of the different endings?!

  • Russ Seigworth

    Ahh step closer to the end of Vanguard 👍

  • Jb Noneya
    Jb Noneya  +19

    Love the “pre order MWII” at the end of promoting their current title 😂 they all know what we’re actually excited for

  • Adil Kamar

    This is like the cod multiverse i am loving it.