Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Teaser

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  • 7/03/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Forget what you know.
    Community Reveal Event: May 17, 2018
    Global Launch: October 12, 2018
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  • yaboi NEO
    yaboi NEO 3 साल पहले +1

    BO1: Greatest Campaign

  • Chris Olvera
    Chris Olvera 4 साल पहले +469

    Who else agrees that Treyarch pretty much is whats keeping Call of Duty alive

  • Seal1Gold
    Seal1Gold 2 साल पहले +17

    Here to relive the day I got hyped and wonder what the campaign was gonna be like

  • Katrina Warren


  • -cinnamaon_studios-
    -cinnamaon_studios- 3 साल पहले +24

    I was very hyped for this game when I saw this trailer, I thought it would have a story, But you took away one of the most important things from a CoD game.

  • Emerald
    Emerald 3 साल पहले +265

    Forget everything you know.

  • USAirsoft
    USAirsoft 4 साल पहले +754

    Please continue the legacy of Black Ops being a great series.

  • Beverley Taylor


  • GoldD3000
    GoldD3000 3 साल पहले +12

    5 years from now people are gonna come back to this video and leave comments like: Those were the days, i miss 2018, i miss black ops 4, best futuristic cod, omg the nostalgia

  • B Cox
    B Cox 4 साल पहले +574

    I feel offended that they put bo1 and bo2 in this trailer

  • Dallas
    Dallas 4 साल पहले +2

    I hope this will save the community 😪☹️ cmon you got this developers you got this bring us back 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Wraithwing_13
    Wraithwing_13 3 साल पहले +23


  • Dahvood
    Dahvood 4 साल पहले +619

    Ahhh i remember the good old days of black ops 1. What a fun game that was.

  • Brendan Soucy
    Brendan Soucy 4 साल पहले

    I feel like it would be interesting to see the Zombies mode tie into the campaign a lot. Maybe not same time but possibly in an alternate universe where a zombie virus breaks out during what would've been the campaign. And I think that it would be good to get more all-out-warfare styled maps. Maybe a small amount of map interactibles such as in Ghosts (opening a couple doors, exploding stuff, etc) and a more immersive feel that this is war, not just a small area of confrontation

  • ramxn
    ramxn 4 साल पहले +626

    I pray that it’s as good as bo2 :)

  • OsuMatsu Plays
    OsuMatsu Plays 2 साल पहले +44

    I hope the new Black Ops Cold War won't disappoint us This time.

  • No se quien soy
    No se quien soy 4 साल पहले

    Esto si que es volver a las raíces , un juego anual

  • eclipse.325
    eclipse.325 3 साल पहले +179

    Who's here after the modern warfare reveal ?

  • BadAssBoss
    BadAssBoss 4 साल पहले +540

    The Black Ops 1 flash backs gave me a lot of nostalgia. Probably best CoD imo

  • adangallardoo_
    adangallardoo_ 4 साल पहले +4

    Va a ser un GRAN CoD... espero que el mejor!